Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miss Brazil...A Girls' Best Friend

Many of us shudder to think about the pain of waxing their nether region. I am here to tell you it is WORTH THE PAIN! Yes, 110% worth it. The first Brazilian waxing experience is usually pretty awful...but it gets easier every time. So why wax? So many reasons...

-Waxing prevents pesky ingrown hairs! You are removing the hair completely  from the root. It looks and feels cleaner and smoother.
-The hair grows back Slower and Finer! In some cases some people experience no regrowth in certain areas. The consistent removal of the hair discourages strong regrowth. No stubble.
-More time! Most people have to get waxed every 4-6 weeks. Shaving is at least once a week and shaving constantly encourages ingrown hairs.
-Thorough and Precise ! There are some hairs you just cannot see when you are grooming yourself. Those rogue hairs often get missed. However, your Aesthetician can see these areas, and will make sure those hairs are history! Aestheticians are not shy about doing this, and you will feel better knowing all of those annoying hairs are gone!
-Wax & Go! If you are going on vacation, waxing is the way to go. You will save so much time and money not having to bring along your razor, refill cartridges and taking time in the shower shaving. It's more time you can spend enjoying your trip!
-It's Clean! As long as you visit a reputable spa/salon with a Certified Aesthetician the process is very sanitary. Your Aesthetician should always wear vinyl gloves and use a new disposable spatula EVERY time. No double dips. After she will apply a calming lotion or oil to your skin to prevent ingrown hairs. Razors can harbor bacteria and in some cases cut your skin. Waxing does not cut or abrade the skin.

The wax I love to use for Brazilian waxing is very unique. It is a French company called Cirepil, and they have been around for years. I use a combination or their Nacree Blanche Soft Wax and their famous Cirepil Blue Hard Wax. The hard wax is especially useful in very sensitive hard to reach areas. The Blue wax goes on as a warm liquid, shrink wraps and hardens around each individual hair, and is then pulled off quickly. Blue wax only adheres to the hair and never to the skin, which makes it a fabulous choice for delicate skin types. I would be very cautious in going to a place that uses 100% honey wax for their full Brazilian. Honey waxes can pull at the upper layer of skin. In tender areas such as the labia you have to be very careful. Blue wax also has a very low melting temperature, so that it will not go on hot or cause a burn. Always make sure to inform your Aesthetician if you are on any kind of Antibiotics or Accutane, which could sensitize your skin or cause a burn.
Brazilians are a love-hate treatment for many women. They hate the discomfort of the treatment itself, but they love the beautiful and lasting result it gives! The first waxing a client will swear she can't stand the pain...but she comes back the next month so happy with how long it lasted her. Each time she comes in they she says it is a little easier...and soon she's not even phased. I always advise women to take 2 Extra Strength Tylenol 45 minutes prior to their appointment, not to come when they are pre-menstrual or menstruating, and not to tan right before or after their waxing. It is good to wear light cotton undergarments after a waxing, so the skin can breathe. Also, avoid heavy Cardio after waxing.
A Brazilian waxing will give a woman an instant feeling of freedom and sexiness. It's similar to the giddy, secretive feeling of wearing a black lacy lingerie under quietly feel alluring and strong. Women often start off saying to me they are getting a Brazilian waxing for their boyfriend or husband...then as time goes on they proudly say that this is a treatment they do for themselves. Many of them swear they will never shave again!

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