Friday, June 17, 2011

For the Love of Lashes!

I am obsessed with eyelashes! I love gorgeous lashes on guys or girls... I don't care. Who doesn't adore the look of lashes that are long and thick?...they frame the eye and look so amazing. I can admit I am pretty lucky in the eyelash department considering they are black and long...but what harm could a little more thickness and length do? I also HAVE to curl my lashes because they like to grown straight down...odd for a curly haired lady like myself.
So, I am going to share my favorite products with you that produce eye catching lashes that people will stop and ask you if you are on a special "lash prescription". They are inexpensive, non-prescription and user friendly.

I love this product! RapidLash is an amazing! It uses natural peptides, botanicals, vitamins and pumpkin extracts to help grow lashes. There are no side effects like darkening of light eyes or irritation. You simply apply the serum to clean eyelids before bed. You brush on the serum in the exact way you would a liquid liner to the top lash line only. I saw results in 4 weeks with nightly use. My lashes were, stronger, longer, thicker and darker. The serum really lasts since you only use a tiny amount. The tube is also very easy to travel with. Compared to other products on the market I find RapidLash to be very affordable for how long the tube lasts. This step is important for maintaining lash health and growth. *It is also useful for helping to grow eyebrows.

Shu Uemura makes so many great makeup tools but this has to be my all time favorite. Their lash curler creates the "perfect curl" for your lashes. It does not bend or crimp the lash, it just creates a nice curve. Curling the lashes makes your eyes look bigger and your lashes look longer. EVERYONE should take those few seconds to curl lashes. This curler will not stress or damage your lashes and it will literally last you FOREVER. All you need are occasional refill pads (ultra cheap). Always curl lashes prior to your mascara application.

L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen lashes aren't dressed without it. I used to be somewhat of a mascara snob who thought nothing of spending twenty six bucks a tube. I recently came back to planet earth and realized there are tons of great products in Drugstores...I just had to test drive a few. This mascara by L'Oreal is unbelievable. It truly does it all! It lengthens, thickens, darkens and separates lashes. If you build this mascara you can get a sultry false lash effect that still looks natural. The formula also has vitamins and lash conditioning benefits while you wear it. The brush has me's big and plush and will give you big, fat gorgeous lashes. It works like a luxury brand for a fraction of the cost.

HIP is an extension of L'Oreal and has AMAZING pigment. My little trick to faking amazing lashes is lining my upper lash line with a very dark brown or black gel liner. This liner comes in a glass pot with an awesome little angle brush. The formulation is water resistant and very long can smudge it with a Q-tip for a more diffused look. I suggest curling your lashes first, applying eye shadows, thinly lining your upper lash line, blending the liner gently and then applying a couple of coats of your L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara. You will have red carpet worthy lashes and you won't have to spend a lot to get them looking that way. *wink*

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